If you have a cat you’ve probably seen it lying in the sun many times before. But as we know, lying in the sun for humans can sometimes be dangerous but does this apply to our cats as well? Cats lie in the sun in order to relax, that much is clear. Any opportunity they have at enjoying sunshine, they will take it, be that inside or outside. If you want to know more about this topic, here we want to take a look at the real reason why cats like to lie in the sun. Keep reading to find out more.

Why do cats enjoy lying in the sun?

Want to know the benefits of sunbathing for cats, take a look below:

Balance body temperature

If cats were not domesticated and were in the wild, they would instinctively sleep and rest during the day and hunt at night: like lions. When cats are domesticated, this routine no longer corresponds to them, despite this, we still see the influence of this instinctual habit. But why do cats like the heat? This is because the body temperature of cats, like most mammals, decreases when they are sleeping or relaxed. This occurs due to the fact that, when they are sleeping, they do not burn any calories or release caloric expenditure. Therefore, their bodies seek to compensate this temperature change by sleeping in warmer areas, i.e: in the sun. You might notice that your cat will find itself a comfortable spot: next to the window or on the balcony, especially when the sun is shining.

Source of vitamin D

Everyone knows that, thanks to the sun, our bodies’ are able to synthesize the vitamin D which we need for our bodies to function properly. This same applies to cats. With cats however, this process is a little more complicated. Due to the presence a cat’s coat, they are unable to absorb as much Vitamin D as they actually need. Therefore, we cannot rely on the sun giving our cats enough vitamin D. This is why it is important that cats are given a high quality diet, full of all the sufficient vitamins and minerals they require.

For pleasure

One last thing to remember is that sun brings cats pleasure. Like humans, cats enjoy relaxing in the sun. It is not necessarily the rays they enjoy, but the heat it brings. Did you know that these animals are able to withstand temperatures of up to 50 ºC and adapt to all types of climates, whether cold or warm?

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Is the sun good for cats?

Yes, sun is good for cats, but in moderation. Although it has been proved that cats can live without the sun, our pets are much happier when they have some sun in their lives.

Although cats like the sun, it is necessary to monitor and ensure they does not lie in the sun too often, especially in summer. If you cat has very little fur, you need to be careful they are not exposed to the sun too often, as this can lead to some health problems. 

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Source: Animalwised.com