Your dog probably loves you much more than you think, and that’s because it’s in their nature and survival instinct to follow around those who provide them with food and affection. However, you might not be sure about your dog’s affection if you haven’t had them at home for long.

Dogs show us how much they love us countless times on a daily basis, although differently from how humans demonstrate it. It’s therefore fundamental to understand the dog’s own form of communication.

We will go over the 6 signs that your dog loves you! Make sure you read it and find out how to tell if your dog loves you – we’re very optimistic about the answer.

1. They greet you enthusiastically

Dogs are naturally curious and practically always rush to greet whoever walks through the front door of the house – a place which they consider to be their own. Even so, if they happily greet you by wagging their tail and wanting to play it’s a clear sign that your dog loves you.

dog dogs pets puppy

2. Wagging their tail

Until recently it was thought that a dog showed happiness when they wagged their tail, but that’s not always true. When a dog wags their tail to the left they are not happy, but nervous and restless. They will often do this when they across an unknown animal.

Instead, when your dog wags their tail to the right it is a sign of joy and happiness. If they do so when you are present, it means that they are comforted by your presence and that they feel happy to see you. Or rather, that they love you.

3. Playing with you

Playing is something that dogs will always do right through into adulthood. Dogs which suffer from mental problems, such as senile dementia, are the only exceptions. If your dog wants to play with you, it’s a clear sign of rapport and of its happiness.

4. They pay attention to you

If your dog turns their head when you talk to them, moves their eyebrows and is always attentive to everything you do, you’re undoubtedly a very special person in their life. There is a direct relationship between the care you give it and how much they love you.

5. They follow you everywhere

Dogs don’t like being alone, but you should know that if your dog wants to follow you wherever you go, it isn’t to avoid being alone. Rather, because it feels good when you’re present and they do not want to miss out on this.

Obviously dogs should have limitations, but you should always interpret this as a sign of love, because your dog is looking for comfort and wants you to understand that they are happy when at your side.

6. They kiss you all over

Dogs lick for various reasons, however most of the time this is a gesture of affection and love. Licking has generally been interpreted as a canine kiss, and the truth is that is a pretty fair approximation.

If your dog licks you they are seeking contact with you, and using their lick to get you to cuddle and stroke them. Furthermore, it is a sign of affection that they learn from their mother, as the mother will clean and care for her puppies by licking them.

Other signs that your dog loves you:

  • Lying belly up
  • Lowering their ears when you stroke them
  • Looking to you for protection
  • Searching for you
  • Reacting to your emotions
  • Carrying out orders without being asked
  • Obeying you

Remember that each dog’s personality is different, so not all dogs will act in the same way. We advise you to be patient and show lots of affection towards your dog, so that it trusts you and starts loving you as much as you love it.