Dogs are extremely loyal and loving animals and certainly deserve to be considered our best friends. Anyone with a dog at home will understand each and every moment described on this list perfectly – and if you don’t have a dog yet, don’t miss any of them. You’ll be ready!

Here, we adore dogs, and so we’ve compiled a list of the 15 things you should know about dogs.

Who’s there?

Although this is not true for all of them, most dogs are natural guards. It probably won’t be the first time that a slight noise at the door makes your dog start barking loudly, wondering who it could be. You can rest at ease!

With us, you can also discover how to stop a dog from barking. But really – who doesn’t like it when their dog alerts them of an unwanted visit?


They don’t stop giving you kisses

Sometimes, dogs can be a little persistent in their attempts to give you kisses until they leave your face covered in drool. They can sometimes go too far and stick their tongue inside your nose or mouth. Yes, they love you that much.


Puppies forever!

Even if your dog is an adult or even a senior dog, it’s always going to behave like a puppy. This is one of the sweetest qualities that dogs have: They are very active and playful. Want to help your pet stay like that? Play with your dog and teach it intelligence games, and always encourage it to keep its fun attitude.


They neglect their bed and prefer the floor

Yes – You’ve spent ages making your dog’s bed, you’ve washed it all your love, and your dog lies on the floor! Perhaps one day…

They become stalkers when there is any kind of food

We all know what happens when a dog hears the sound of a bag of chips opening. They become extremely obedient and pull a puppy face… And sometimes they lose their spatial awareness.

Your dog’s side of the bed and yours

Don’t expect your dog to want to share your own bed – really, who do you think you are?

If you’re not careful you’ll end up being chucked out – or you’ll be cast to the far end of the bed. Betrayed by your own best friend!

When the cat’s away…

Dogs love us so much that when we leave, they get really sad. They can even nibble shoes or other objects.

The most serious cases happen when they suffer from separation anxiety. Remember not to punish them; instead, you should help solve the problem by using a Kong or doing active exercise before leaving.

Dogs are easily frightened

For all their brave fame, dogs can easily become frightened when they find an object or pet they have not seen before. Their reactions are really funny and surprising. Keep a camera at hand!


Dogs really, really enjoy going for walks. As well as fulfilling their needs, it’s a fun time for them. When they want to go out they may whine a little or insist on going by bringing you the lead in their mouth. They are so cute!

They go crazy when you come home

Dogs rejoice when you arrive home and simply go crazy with happiness.

Dogs become your shadow

When a dog loves you, it can’t help but follow you wherever you go. Whether you are making yourself some toast or going to the toilet, your dog will always be ready to follow. Everywhere. Without exception.

12. They will love your baby as if it were their own

I don’t know if you’ve ever seen the first reaction of a dog when a new baby arrives home, but the fact is that dogs have a sixth sense for small children. Even if they’re jealous at first, they understand how delicate newborns are. You will find out that your dog becomes the most patient babysitter ever.

Dogs are always happy

Dogs don’t understand bad days or holding grudges for long. You can always enjoy a good day with your dog if you put your mind to it. They are so grateful and sweet that once you get a dog your life becomes happy and positive. Why not find out?

Dogs never get tired of your affection

Unlike cats, dogs will never get tired of being kissed. In fact, they can get a little insistent on getting attention.

They are the best friend anyone can have

Dogs are definitely the best life partners. Their loyalty, beauty, companionship and understanding are simply the best gift anyone can have in life.