Cats are animals with a great ability to win the heart of any human being. If you have a cat at home, you’ll know that all they need is a tender gaze, a gentle knead or a rub against your leg to earn all your admiration.

You can’t help but love them dearly, feel awful when they’re feeling ill and, of course, play with and groom them frequently. But they often do funny things that stay in our memory for years. Even when they are no longer with us you will always be able to remember these moments and smile. Many will say that this is an anthropomorphism, but who is to stop us from laughing when things happen to them that could happen to a friend or relative?

Today we will bring you 5 funny things that cats do so that you pick up on them, and don’t go through life missing out on them!

1. They hate getting wet

Undoubtedly this point should top the list. Although some cats might like water, the fact is that most of them hate it. They will do everything in their power to stop you getting them wet. This, unfortunately, includes scratching you. For them, it is a matter of survival.

Besides their resistance and strong rejection, if you get them wet you could, discreetly, laugh a little bit at how they look once they are soaked.

2. They get startled easily

Generally, cats tend to be very calm indoors. They have their crazy moments, but in general they always like tranquillity to reign in their house. For that reason, when they hear an unknown noise, a new person, a dog and even a volume which is too high, it’s not surprising to see your cat jump on top of a cupboard or wardrobe!

3. They use you as furniture, like a footrest or a bed…

A cat cannot understand why you don’t treat them even better than you already are treating them. If they can use you as a piece of furniture, as their favourite form of transport and even as their personal scratching post, they will. It’s not as if they’re vain animals or that think they might be better than you. It’s that they are better than you, as far as they’re concerned. Ah, and if you don’t stop to please them, get ready for a little nibble…

4. They have moments of madness

They can suddenly start jumping, scratching your feet, biting your finger and even chasing ‘ghosts’. Cats are certainly alien creatures, or at least they seem to be on many occasions. If so many people claim that dogs have a sixth sense, why can’t cats have it too? They live life by their own rules, actively and curiously, just as we should do ourselves! Well, to an extent.


5. They wrap themselves up in clothes and covers

If you have a cat, you’ll (probably) have all your clothes full of loose threads and small holes. Cats have an amazing facility to get caught in the most obvious places. Even though they’ve gone through the same situation before (which almost brought them to a nervous break down) they will probably get their nails out again to ruin your favourite blanket. This is just what they do. Hide the expensive fabrics!