Water is essential for the proper functioning of any animal’s body. In the case of cats, not drinking enough water can lead to kidney problems. If your cat isn’t drinking water, it is not because it doesn’t like it. In fact, all cats love and need water, especially “fresh water”, so you can stop worrying.

Fresh water is worth mentioning as cats find stagnant or old water (water that has been standing in its container for a while) unpleasant. Your cat isn’t refusing water in general, it is just avoiding the way in which you present it. You’ve probably found it drinking from the toilet or bathtub on many occasions and then had to tell it off. Now you know that it is following its instincts – and you should pay attention to your pet.

If your cat isn’t drinking water at all, it may be time to make some changes. Continue reading this article where we will give you some helpful tips to encourage your cat to be interested in this vital substance again.

More is more – Cleanliness is important

A cat’s smell is very sensitive and highly developed. As well as having a clean body, it likes to have a clean space too. Keep its water receptacle clean and away from food so it doesn’t absorb any unpleasant smells that could, over time, make the water distasteful.

You can place various water receptacles around the house, so your cat won’t get bored from drinking the same water all the time, nor will it get used to the smells. You can move them from time to time and make it a bit of an adventure for your cat, until it goes back to drinking water regularly.

Avoid using the same water container for more than one cat or for a dog if you have one also. Try new bowls from time to time, or give it a drink directly from a glass (some cats are fascinated by this).


New, fresh water

Also, has your cat surprised you by drinking water from the tap? Cats enjoy these systems because fresh water is always running. Invest in the happiness of your pet and buy it its own water fountain. Today there are attractive fountains that will not ruin your home decor, such as Japanese style fountains. If this is costly, try some less aesthetic but equally functional ones.

If the fountain option doesn’t work, an interesting idea is to go back to the past and encourage your cat to drink tap water. This doesn’t mean leave the tap running and wait for your cat to appear. Choose a couple of times a day and make it a special moment for your cat; it will appreciate this a lot more.

Other forms of hydration

In addition to drinking water, there are other ways to keep your cat well hydrated. Talk to your vet about the possibilities of using wet food, this can be a good way to include water into its diet. Do not be surprised if your cat is not convinced by this type of food; no one likes wet and watery food, but still it’s worth a try.

Remember, don’t force water consumption, try a little at a time.


Source: animalwised.com