If you’ve got a cat at home you’ll probably know what we’re talking about; cats are animals that love physical contact and interacting with those who they live with. Some regular behaviors include rubbing up against you, asking for affection, scratching, making sounds and kneading you. But have you ever wondered why does my cat knead me?

We’ll resolve this doubt in this article. Find out why your cat kneads you.

When do cats start kneading?

Many experts agree that the cats start kneading when they are new born kittens. Right after they’re born, kittens knead their mother’s nipples to get more milk out. Besides creating a very special bond, physical contact is also a sign to their mothers that they should not stop nursing them.

Cats naturally develop this behavior, and they keep doing it into adulthood because they find it pleasurable and reminds them of being young and comforted.

When they start growing, kittens investigate everything around them: cushions, sofas, carpets, etc. At the same time they begin to learn of the pleasures of sharpening their claws, which they love, as you’ll probably already know.

By this stage, now weaned, the young cat connects with the environment and communicates through it. A curious cat, who explores and touches things, is a very good sign. If your cat occasionally sticks its nails into you, it means it considers you part of that environment.

Why does your cat knead you?

When your cat starts to knead a human, instead of – for instance – a cushion, they’re trying to communicate that they loves you; they feel as comfortable with you as they did with their mother, and they hope that you feel the same.

At the same time, your cat knows that you find this experience to be pleasurable and relaxing, so you should reward them with strokes, massages and kind words when they knead you.

Therefore, we can safely say that a kneading cat is a happy cat, and they arein an enviable state of relaxation and tranquility.


There are other signs that your cat is happy and trusts you, like rubbing their head against you, purring, raising their tail, licking you and even giving you a little bite. 

Source: animalwised.com