Cats are cute animals, and if you’re really fond of cats like us, you will know that despite their bad reputation, having one of these little beasts in our life, always provides us with happiness and countless moments of laughter and fun. With this said, cats are still independent and sometimes elusive animals.

Before writing this fun article about cats, I analyzed my own pets. I have two beautiful cats that at times are the most loving the world, but sometimes they act completely self-centered and uninterested, even if they are always charming animals. The fact is that although their behavior is no longer a mystery, trying to find out what things I do to bother them led me to conclude that for them, the worst thing about me is simply that I am human.

This sounds exaggerated, but when you read this list of 5 things your cat hates about you you will understand what we mean. On the other hand, if you’re thinking about adopting a cat for the first time, this list will be perfect for you to learn what to do and what is impossible for you to avoid.

5. Water is only for drinking

“Why do they insist on getting me wet, bathing me or splashing me?”

It is very likely that your cat has asked itself this question. Unless your pet is a Bengal cat, who love to swim, your feline friend probably belongs to the majority of cats who hate water.

One of the things that cats hate about humans is this strange relationship with water. We use water for more things besides drinking, which bewilders cats. After all, cats don’t understand why you just don’t groom yourself instead of showering.

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4. Your obsession with odors

The issue of odor certainly has to be on our list, because another thing that cats hate about us humans is how we spray ourselves with strong odors from perfumes, air fresheners, food, etc. Why are human odors so intense? This is what our pets wonder.

Cats hate strong smells and they have a sensitive nose, but not as sharp as dogs’. Cats use smells to communicate, so being surrounded by powerful human fragrances may be quite annoying. Smells such as garlic, citrus fruit or smoke can be a nightmare.

3. Lower the volume!

If you are someone who enjoys playing music or watching television at full volume, I hope you do not have a cat nearby. This is because one of the things that cats hate about humans is precisely the need to be surrounded by loud noises.

Cats do not like loud noises because their ears are much more developed than ours. This developed sense of hearing helps them monitor the environment, even when it seems they are asleep. If you want to keep your pet happy, you better control loud noises and music volume.

2. Everything must be clean… Very clean!

Cats are excessively clean animals and certainly find it annoying that their human friends are not as clean as them. If you have a cat, you will know how important it is that their playing area is clean and their sandpit is always immaculate.

Having said that, you will know that second place in our list of things cats hate about you has to do with cleanliness. Cats hate it when you don’t clean their litter box and as it is something they cannot do for themselves, maintaining it is “its humans'” duty. If you do not keep it in perfect condition your cat will know that your unclean human nature is responsible for their unhappiness.

1. Yes, I love you, please stop hugging me

Humans need to express their feelings through touch and need caresses, hugs and kisses, but beware… Your cat does not like them.

I can’t help but laugh a little when I remember how my cat moves like a cobra and moves their head back to avoid me whenever I want to kiss them. This is because cats do not need very much contact to know that we love them or to show us that they love us.

Cats hate humans who touch them too much. For felines, physical contact is a form of domination, so you should only stroke them whenever they want it and not every time they look at you. 

Love and hate

As you can see, there are lots of things that cats hate about you, but there are also many things they love. Otherwise, they wouldn’t tolerate your presence or accept being petted, even less lie by your side and purr!

A recent study by a trio of researchers from Oregon State University and Monmouth University have proven our cats like us more than we think. They suggested that as humans, we have a lack of knowledge on what stimulates our cats. After testing 19 cats on their favorability between food, scent, toys and human interaction, we came out on top!

Having a small cat purring nearby is certainly one of the best moments of the day, so even if they cannot stand some things we do, and vice versa, don’t forget that cats are amazing pets that will make your life so much more fulfilling.