Our dogs are faithful and intelligent animals. And even though they sometimes do things we don’t quite understand, we love them nonetheless. Although, most people don’t know that most of the weird and funny things that our dogs do are supported by reasonable explanations.

Do you want to find out the real reason your dog sometimes does weird and wonderful things? We do! That’s why we have chosen to discuss 10 strange things that dogs do and why.

1. Why do dogs kick when you scratch them?

Have you every noticed that when you scratch your dog, especially on its belly, its back legs twitch. Many people find this to be quite funny and lovely and assume it’s a signal of enjoyment from the dog. However, the reason dogs shake or kick their legs when you scratch them: is because they have a scratch reflex. This scratch reflex is reactive when the animal feels a tickle or something that causes irritation on the skin. When this happens, the dog’s nerve endings send signals to its hind legs to ¨get rid of¨ the itch, they then move their legs involuntarily and spontaneously.

Many people believe that this might not in fact be great for a dog, especially after knowing that they kick their leg as a reaction to irritation. If this is really the case, we suggest moving the scratching process from their sensitive belly area to another spot. This way we can ensure they are truly comfortable.


2. Why do dogs bite their tail?

Although many people find this action somewhat humorous, the truth is, in reality, an itchy tail isn’t funny or enjoyable for dog. If a dog bites its tail, it means that something is bothering it, such as: parasites. In addition, if a dog is biting its tail excessively, it can lead to self-harm and worsen the primary cause. If your dog is biting its tail obsessively, we suggest taking consulting your veterinarian as soon as possible.


3. Why do my dogs go crazy after a bath?

Another strange thing that dogs tend to do is: go crazy after a bath, roll around, lick themselves excessively, etc. Not only does this defeat an owners attempt at cleaning a dog, but it can also cause confusion and turn the cleaning process into an incredibly unenjoyable experience for everyone involved.

Most importantly, dogs do not like the smell of shampoo. Therefore, after a bath, a dog will try everything it can to try eliminate the smell. Another reason some dogs do this is because they feel that when they are clean they are easier to ¨spot¨, and they would rather feel somewhat camouflaged.


4. Why do dogs chase their tail?

There are two main reason why a dog bites its tail:

  1. Boredom: They are bored and are looking for a way to entertain themselves. This is incredibly common in puppies, who sometimes don’t even understand that the tail is in fact attached to its own body.
  2. Obsessive compulsive disorder: This second reason is more alarming and needs to be attended to. If a dog excessively chases their tail due to such a disorder they can severely hurt themselves. This condition may be caused by genetics or stress. Either way, if you notice that your dog is chasing and biting its tail excessively, we recommend going to a vet as soon as possible.

5. Why do dogs scratch the floor after they poop?

It is very common to see that your dog might scratch the ground repeatedly after defecating. This scratching usually happens around the stool itself. There are two reasons that dogs do this. The first reason that may explain why a dog scratches the ground after pooping, is hygiene. By kicking dirt onto the poop, they attempt to cover up their mess. The second reason dogs have this habit, although somewhat strange, is to spread their smell through their legs which are full of odoriferous glands. This is done with the objective of marking their territory and making it clear that they have been there.

6. Why does my dog like to roll around in the ground?

This is one of the most common behaviors in dogs. Dogs roll around the ground because its nice and pleasurable for them. For example, you might notice that if it is very hot, a dog might roll on the ground to cool itself down. Rolling around on different textured materials also simulates a type of massage for dogs and can also alleviate any present itching. Another reason why dogs roll on the ground is to get the attention of their owners, therefore, if you think this might be the reason, give your dog some love and affection!

7. Why do dogs turn around before lying down?

We must not forget that dogs are instinctual. Dogs in the wild turn around before lying down to check the perimeters for any dangers. This action is now habitual in dogs, despite where they were born or come from. Another reason dogs carry out this action is to mark the space where they are sleeping, stamping down on any ¨twigs¨ or uncomfortable floor matter. In some serious cases, dogs may perform this task excessively as a symptom of excessive compulsive disorder. In this case, we suggest consulting a veterinarian as soon as possible.

8. Why do dogs smell each others butts?

Even if it seems strange to any human who sees action taking place, it is one of the most normal behaviors apparent in dogs. But why do they do this? Dogs have a highly developed sense of smell, so when they approach and smell each others bums, its to gather information about each other.

But, what kind of information do dogs acquire by doing this? More than you could even imagine, including: diet, gender, emotional state and more!

9. Why do dogs howl?

The howling of dogs can be fascinating, or very annoying, depending on how long it lasts. Are you wondering why dogs howl? Well, there are several reasons why dogs so this. Some dogs howl or bark to warn that danger is near. Other times, dogs howl in celebration as their owners return home, as a demonstration of happiness.

However, beyond these above mentioned reason, some dogs often howl as a way to demonstrate physical pain. Therefore, you must be aware of when and how a dog howls, if you believe it is because of an ailment of sorts, we recommend going to your vet as soon as possible. In some cases, dogs may even howl as a symptom of separation anxiety. This howling will most likely begin as soon as you leave the door.

10. Why do dogs drag their butts across the floor?

Have you ever seen your dog dragging its butt across the ground? This is most likely a sign that your dog is suffering from intestinal parasites. These parasites generate discomfort and fill the anal glands, causing an itching sensation. If you notice that your dog is dragging its butt along the ground we suggest consulting your vet. A professional can determine the exact cause of this action and treat it accordingly. This symptom, although funny at times, can be very serious and therefore should not be overlooked.

Source: Animalwised.com