As with all relationships, even dogs and humans can often have misunderstandings – but some of them go unnoticed. To avoid these issues with your faithful friend, you will have to ask yourself a number of questions on different topics. For example, you should how dogs think, what their basic needs are or what things usually bother them.

Discover in this article 10 things that dogs hate about humans, so you can further improve your relationship with your dog.

1. Loud noises and strong scents

Hair dryers, vacuum cleaners, cars or fireworks are some examples. This is normal, since dogs have exceptional hearing and are much more sensitive to sounds than us. Therefore, any noise that might disturb you will surely terrify your pet. Obviously, there are dogs that have been bred to deal with loud noises and won’t get scared. However, it is true that most hate it and will need comforted sometimes.

The subject of strong odors is also something to consider. Just like their ears, a dog’s nose is much more powerful than a human’s. Therefore any smell that seems quite strong to you, will be incredibly intrusive to your pet.

When very strong odors irritate the nostrils of your furry friend they easily let us know with a sneeze and go to another place.

2. Talking a lot and not using body language

Some owners speak to their dogs a lot. Although that’s fine, if we speak too much without using gestures or short words that can be easily understood, we end up just burdening them.

Dogs prefer that you communicate with them through your body language and when you use short words or sounds – this helps them during their training.

It is true that dogs do understand the basic emotions of humans, but they do it through body language and the tone of voice we use. They definitely do not understand our full verbal language, just the basic words we teach them. We must try to learn how to talk to our dog and how to communicate with them via our body.

Take a test, spend a whole day without saying a word to your dog. Just gesture, without exaggeration, and try to communicate with body language. Although you can use a sound like a whistle, try not to say a word, you will see that you communicate perfectly and that your dog is more relaxed.

3. When we scold them without understanding why

Maybe when you’re in a bad mood or get angry because your dog has done something you don’t like, you pass on that anger and negativity. Still, it’s important to remember that if you scold your dog randomly or not right after their mishap, they will never understand what is going on or what they have done wrong. This bothers them a lot and can end up causing stress and even fear.

We have to learn to avoid common mistakes when scolding a dog. One of these mistakes is scolding them when they do not understand why. Do not leave too much time after misbehavior to tell your dog off.

4. Lack of routine and consistency

The dogs like to have a routine, because they feel safer and more relaxed. Failure to stick to schedules, nagging them or giving them inconsistent directions means that your dog will never integrate into your home properly and can remain in a state of stress or discomfort.

Set a schedule for your best friend, always offer good care and stick the same directions and commands. Then they will never be restless or upset. Although we change it so that it does not become very boring, they like to have a structure, because they feel more secure and calm. An unstructured dog, without basic training, will end up being unhappy. They will develop insecurities and misunderstandings with both the family and other dogs or animals.

This structure and learning should cover several aspects, from who leads the group to walks and food, among other things. To do this, it is best that we first instruct ourselves well about the proper training for our dog.

5. Staring into their eyes / taking their face and patting them on the head

Dogs really do not like intense eye contact. If you ever stared into your dog’s eyes before, you probably noticed them shying away. Or perhaps you have even noticed them holding the gaze and growling. Prolonged eye contact represents a challenge to a dog, and can trigger a state of alert or fear. Avoid staring at a dog that does not know you well, they could develop a dislike.

Also, another thing we do often is to take their face in our hands and pat them on the head. That is a mistake, because they do not enjoy it. Taking their face makes them feel trapped and restricted. Likewise, patting or pounding on their heads bothers them and may even do them some harm. A hand above them is understood as dominant, so if it also gives them blows to the head, it makes them very uneasy. They are gestures that for us are very normal, but for them they have different meanings, so we should try and avoid them. If you want to go to greet a dog, it is better that you approach a little side, without looking at them and extending your hand a little allowing them to sniff.

6. Excessive hugs and kisses

There are many things that are normal for us that we love to do. Such as hugging and kissing our furry friend. Unfortunately, they do not interpret everything as we do. And, of course, dogs don’t hug and kiss like humans. It can be very confusing for a dog to constantly receive kisses from their owner, especially if they are not used to it since they were a pup.

Although there are very affectionate and submissive dogs who do accept hugs, most do not tolerate them much. It’s OK to hug them and give them a kiss, but be careful not to overdo it and make sure to watch for signs that they are uncomfortable. They may lift their ears, yawn or even bare their teeth.

7. Not using the leash properly or walking in a hurry

Very often there are things we do wrong when we walk our dog, but we must learn to correct these if we want to enjoy this time outside. Sometimes we can keep the leash taut or constantly jerk it, not letting them sniff their surroundings. Too often owners walk for such a short time and are in a hurry to finish.

Dogs take quite a while to explore their surroundings. They need to smell, to go to the toilet and to play. Avoid rushing walks and use an anti-pull harness if you can’t handle the leash properly.

8. Unnecessary clothing

Of course, if it is very cold outside or you need to cover some part of your dog’s body due to injury, you can dress them in a sweater or special piece of clothing. If your vet recommended clothing for your pet, please do listen to them.

With that said, what we need to remember is that for the most part, clothing is simply decorative and serves no function for pets. If they are uncomfortable, cannot walk properly or simply feel restricted, you should remove the clothes. Some dogs will learn to tolerate it but many will not understand why some humans are laughing or staring at them. Although people do so from an affectionate place, dogs cannot perceive this – they end just end up nervous.

9. Cleaning them too often

Daily cleaning is normal for humans, but not for dogs. They are kept clean in their own special way and their body odor is a way to communicate with others. If we regularly clean them when they are not actually dirty, we are doing them no favors. Likewise, when we wash them we must not use products with strong scents. They must be for dog hair and almost odorless – because of their powerful nostrils, these sweet scents will be unbearable to them.

It is good that we bathe our dog at home or by a dog groomer from time to time, but we can not do it very often. In addition to needing their natural scent to communicate well, we will be damaging the layers of natural protection of the skin – this can end up causing them some health problem. We can clean them, yes, but without overdoing it.


10. If you are boring or absent a lot

Dogs cannot stand being bored, they want to do things constantly whilst spending time with you. So, they hate when you ignore them and act boring. They obviously hate when you are away from home and don’t know when you will return – hence their joy when you do. The worst thing that can happen to a dog is that we abandon them, they will never understand why and it would be hard for them to trust humans again. So, avoid being boring, stimulate and entertain your dog and always be around for them. They will appreciate it infinite amounts.