1. They’re so adorable, obviously

From Golden retrievers, Labrador Retriever, and poodles to pugs, there are so many adorable dog breeds that you can’t discriminate! We always find ourselves around adorable pictures of dogs can’t resist. All dogs, no matter what size, or color, are hard not to love.

2. They are always the first to comfort you

Dogs appear continuously the first ones to notice once you have a bad day. With their cute face and licking of the hand, they are able to cause you to feel higher.

3. Friendship

Dogs are the best friends for many years. They never judge and are always happy to see our return, no one is more excited to see you when you come home.

4. Dogs increase your mood! 

Spending just between 15 to 30 minutes with your dog can help you feel more comfortable, reducing stress, and increasing the best mood. Playing with your dog will increase your brain’s levels of dopamine. So when you’re feeling down, you need just spend some time with your dog! That wagging tail is going to be absolute to place a smile on your face.

5. Dogs keep us happy and healthy

Your dog needs daily exercise, as dog owners, we should care about playing and working with our dogs. The relationship between you and your dog is good for your health and makes you happier. The positive feelings with your dog are blocks of a happy and healthy life. Coming to your home and meeting your dog helps reduce stress and walking with him can help keep you healthy.

6. You’ll never be lonely

You’ll never be lonely with a cute dog around you, between wanting to play, cuddle, and simply needing to be around us, pets always make us feel happy and comfortable.


7. Dogs are loyal

There are some that will say a dog is simply loyal because it is obtaining food and shelter. As dog owners, you can see the reaction he has when you come home we know that dogs are loyal. This loyalty might stem from the very fact that dogs read themselves as our equals, not separate breeds. They are naturally obtaining alliances with other dog breeds, people, and other animals. Dogs are friendly and loyal, which making them the best companion.

8. Dogs are trustworthy

Dogs are trustworthy in three ways :

  1. We can always trust that they will protect us ( The bigger breeds like German Shepherds ).
  2. We can trust our dog will never judge or criticize us.
  3. Dogs are trustworthy within the sense that you just ought to never trust somebody your dog does not like.

9. They are the most protectors

There is nobody that we can trust more than our dogs. They perpetually have your back and can ne’er allow you to down. The safest place to be behind your loyal and protective dog, so that’s we love our dogs so much.

10. Having a dog makes you awesome!

The patience, responsibility, and commitment that comes when you are welcoming a dog make us stronger, all-around better people, so that other reason that make us love dogs. Dogs have established that they improve our physical and mental state as you can see in reason number 5, as well as the health of people around us.

We love dogs because of all the characteristics that they have, they don’t care about any mistakes, all they want is you, they love you unconditionally. Those are the reasons why we love dogs so much.

Source: dogsloversblog.com